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5 different 100w solar panel comparison

Are you still struggling with how to choose solar panels? This article will introduce you to the significance of solar panel parameters and list the parameters of 5 different 100w solar panels.

1.Material-polycrystalline or monocrystalline

This is the constituent material of the solar panel, which determines the conversion rate of the solar panel.The solar panels used for charging are basically divided into two categories in the market: single crystal and polycrystalline, wherein single crystal is divided into ordinary single crystal and sunpower single crystal. The conversion rate of solar panels using sunpower cells can reach 23%, and the ordinary one can only reach 19.8%, so we often see slogans with a conversion rate of up to 23%.

2.Item Dimensions-The smaller the size, the better at the same power

Under the same power, the smaller the size is, the better, so that it is more convenient for us to carry it when we go out. Of course, this refers to the folded size.

3.Item Weight-as light as possible

I don’t think there is much to say about this parameter. It must be as light as possible. No one wants to bring a big barbell when they go out.

4.Connector Type-3 different types of interfaces usb/dc/type c

USB:Most solar panels are usb output ports, but having a fast charging port will definitely make you feel happier.

DC:The higher the power, the faster the charging speed.

Type C:Provides more charging possibilities.

5.Power Voltage/Power Current/Open Circuit Voltage/Short Circuit Current-The higher the value, the better

These parameters are some fixed properties of solar panels, ordinary users do not need to consider too much, and the value of this parameter is basically the same for the products on the market.

6. Cell Efficiency-The higher the better

This parameter determines the efficiency of converting light energy into electrical energy.This parameter is basically enough to reach 23%, because this is the highest efficiency of most solar panels assembled with sunpower cells, and it may be higher, but it depends on the random probability.

7. Waterproof Rate-IP65 is already good

You must konw,it is just water resistant not waterproof.

8. Temperature Range-The higher the temperature range, the better

After introducing the meaning of these parameters, let’s take a look at the specific parameters of five 100w solar panels.